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Repeater performance -- solution??

Nov 7, 2008 at 8:15 PM
Let me first say, this is a great product.

Now to my question...
I am using the repeater to load data into a repeater and a nested repeater.  I noticed when the amount of elements gets up in the hundreds performance degrades.  For my purposes using paging would not work.

I hooked up firebug and ran a profile on the code.  27% of the time (16739 calls) was spent in the _iterateElements function. 

What I was thinking was instead of iterating through the elements looking for the ids of elements to re-id, it may be more efficient to parse each template once, and note the nodes that have ids and store them in an array.   Then, when the item is generated, clone the template and use the $get() with the parent id and re-id each node.

I was thinking about changing the code to try this out, but I though I would see if this has already been attempted and the implemented method was determined to the fastest.